At Dacapo we work to change the way people think about daily life, structures and development in companies and organizations.

Together with our clients we aim to inspire and facilitate sustainable renewal. We will show how it is possible to create efficient change while at the same time advancing and improving humanity and relations in organisations.


We meet our clients and stakeholders with the same values that characterise our own organisation and management:

  • We all experience and perceive reality individually – it is necessary also to allow for challenging perspectives.
  • Constructive conflicts and dilemmas are vital ressources for development and change – when met with openness, acceptance and a broadness of perspective.
  • Feelings are difficult but important to handle – they are barometers for significant workplace conditions. In interplay with intellect feelings form the basis of actions.

Social responsibility

Following logically from our values we consider CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) an important part of our corporate identity.