The first time you call us we will be asking you some factual questions concerning your organisation and the present task. We need information like:

  • Company name, address, phone number, mail address, etc.
  • Date and time for the event
  • Participants: how many will participate, who are they, what position do they have in the organisation?
  • Theme: what should the focus be?
  • Is there a deadline for a return call from one of our consultants?
  • Finally, out of interest, where did you hear about us?

The information will be given to the consultant with the best competencies for solving the specific task with you. The consultant will be your contact hereafter, and unless otherwise agreed he or she will contact you within a few days.
The consultant may offer you professional discussion, inspiration and ideas for how to solve the task as well as give you a price estimate for us to be part in it. During your first conversation together you will discuss and schedule the further procedures.

For further information return to Practicalities.