As our form of consultancy often involves theatre it places certain demands on facilities. Certain requirements in terms of size, interior, heating, etc. should be met for participants to benefit the most from the event – our consultant will discuss this with you as you make the arrangements.

Order confirmation

When you and the consultant have agreed on the conditions concerning a specific task we will send you an order confirmation. If there are any particulars in terms of content and practicalities that have not been finally decided at the time, they will be before the event is conducted. You will also receive our general terms and conditions, and if you have any questions about them you are always welcome to contact our administration at + 45 66 14 71 46 or by e-mail:


Our prices depend on parameters such as the number of participants, duration, date and time, and the amount of preparation needed. Therefore we cannot give a definite price until you have discussed and settled the content and specifics of the event with one of our consultants. You are welcome to write or call us to hear more.

Conduct of the event

On the day – or days – when we meet to conduct the agreed event it is important that:

  • All arrangements concerning the conduct of the event are in place, practical as well as content-related
  • We have the facilities available about 2 hours in advance
  • You or another responsible person is present when we arrive

If there are details that have not been settled finally we will contact you about 8 days prior to the event.

When the job is done…

… we will send you an invoice as specified in the order confirmation. Expenses for transportation, sound equipment and overnight stays if needed will be specified on the invoice. We offer a 14-day time limit for payment upon receipt.