The book is edited by Patricia Shaw and Ralph Stacey with contributions by Dacapo.

The perspective of complex responsive processes draws on analogies from the complexity sciences, bringing in the essential characteristics of human agents, understood to emerge in social processes of communicative interaction and power relating. The result is a way of thinking about life in organizations that focuses attention on how organizational members cope with the unknown as they perpetually create organizational futures together.

This book introduces and explores the possible meanings of the idea of ‘working live’. It makes sense of the sense-making experience itself, drawing attention to the way ideas and concepts emerge ‘live’ in all conversations in organizations. An appreciation of the open-ended, improvisational nature of ongoing human communication becomes key to such an understanding.

Former employee in Dacapo, professor Henry Larsen and consultant and Dacapo actor Preben Friis contribute a chapter for this book in which they discuss improvisation as a method for working as an external consultant – a work involving actors and close dialogue with the audience.

In the subsequent chapters Prof. Larsen and Mr. Friis explore the possibilities in theatre for changing power relations within an organization, where unexpected situations occur more frequently than you may think which demands ongoing improvisation by employees.

The book is part of the series Complexity and Emergence in Organizations from Routledge publishing house: ISBN 0-415-35128-6.