Our core competence builds on a unique combination of consultancy services and interactive theater processes. Interactive theater processes challenge the brain and the heart at the same time and reveal the complexity of organizations’ life. It allows insight for immediate action and establishes a shared frame of reference for discussion, understanding and mutual learning.

The consultant facilitates the proces and professional actors perform the dilemma or situation at hand. The audience involves itself with proposals about how to go about the dilemma or situation presented. The audience is invited to take roles in a play performed by the professional actors. Based on the professional actors particular knowledge about organizational life and serious attitude to the dilemma or situation at hand, the audience gain new insights to the complexity of the dilemma or situation, and the audience get a realistic frame of reference for testing proposed ways to tackle the dilemma.

Our methods have no view to the one and true opinion. We do not aim for agreement or disagreement. We are not looking for a particular solution.

Our aim is to explore perspectives, share perspectives and investigate different ways to go about a particular situation.

Our belief is that theater processes will make it visible to the audience what a cooperation requires. Listening, watching and respecting each others are at the heart of a cooperation, and it becomes clear to the audience that any action contributes to the changes taking place in a mutual proces as unforeseeable, surprising, thought provoking and improvised it may be.

  • Forum theatre
  • Playback
  • Factionplay
  • Feedback Live
  • Storytelling
  • Traning
  • Open Space
  • Café Seminar

Our methods are not to be confused with common role playing. There is a possibility for participants to enter the stage – if they wish to – but above all our professional actors stage the themes. They know how to stay in character and adapt to the challenges they are confronted with.

There is no right or wrong. We are not looking for the one perfect solution – together we are exploring various ways of handling specific situations while we have the possibility of testing ideas here and now on stage.

Participants are inspired by each other’s inputs and propositions and help build on the story. The same issues are approached from different angles which broadens the participants’ perspectives and shows that cooperation is a matter of listening to and respecting each other. Every act helps you develop in a collective and reciprocal process that is improvisational, surprising and thought-provoking.

We have years of experience with adapting and applying various techniques of interactive theatre to different situations. Clich through our menu to the left and learn more about particular methods.