Together with our clients we work with change processes. Such work requires us to continually develop ourselves, our methods, and our theories.

For that purpose we have established Dacapo Research in which several of our employees participate guided by consultant Claus Have. Titi Astono is coordinator of Dacapo Research.

We have been involved in the following research projects and centres:

Background and purpose

Dacapo Research is meant to frame, sustain and develop a research environment centred around current as well as future research projects which we participate in, including:

  • Ensuring guidance and quality control of the research standards of each project.
  • Establishing and maintaining collaborative relations and networks.
  • Fundraising for research projects – internally, externally and via grants.
  • Producing Ph.D. graduates in collaboration with relevant educational institutions.

What does Dacapo Research bring to the general research?

If you ask our collaborators in fields of research the answer is that we bring:

  • An understanding of what it takes to generate change in organisations based on practical experience.
  • Comprehensive concepts about the process of breaking patterns.
  • Sympathetic insight and emotions to the research environment.
  • Help turning to the outside world and improved communication.
  • A new type of data collection.
  • The skills and ability to combine research, involvement and the dissemination of findings simultaneously.